Thursday night

I enjoy the last days of the summer, so I go as often as I can at the terraces in the heart of Madrid. Last Thursday night I was in Plaza Vázquez de Mella, at the terrace ParisTokyo of the room-mate open mind hotel, Óscar. It was a good moment to try my new peplum red skirt from Zara to obtain a look that’s close to one that flight attendants have (which I admire and love). The only problem was that the skirt had its own soul and tried to raise itself while I was walking, hehe.

Me gusta disfrutar de los últimos días del verano, así que me voy  muchas veces en las terrazas del centro de Madrid. Anoche, el jueves, estuve en la Plaza Vázquez de Mella, en una terraza que se llama ParisTokyo, del hotel room-mate, open-mind, Óscar. Era un buen momento para probar mi nueva falda peplum roja de Zara para obtener un traje como usan las azafatas (que yo admiro y amo). El único problema era que esta falda tenía su propia alma y trataba levantarse mientras yo caminaba, jeje.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday night”

  1. I have an American Apparel disco skirt that also rides up at times, When first put on it is a nice length, but yea, after a while of walking it rides up. But not to indecent levels, just very teasing levels. 🙂

  2. Very nice outfit but if the skirt was a tiny bit longer, it would be even better. By the way I see that you are often wearing a bra nowadays. You’re getting more girly and less androgyneous. Not that I’m complaining, you’re always stunning. And it’s a fact that some (most) feminine tops do not look good without a bit of breast. I do it too.

  3. Tu falda es muy mona y te queda estupenda con esas piernas tan sexys!! Me gusta tu estilo.

  4. My! What a stunning outfit! Everything goes together perfectly, and is the very definition of “Classy”. I wouldn’t have thought to put the yellow shoes with the white blouse and red peplum skirt…but it works, and beautifully!

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