Weekend! -1-

It’s time for the weekend photo. I’m thinking to start a new category, Weekend! photo, to post the most unusual, crazy, sexy, funny photos I usually made in the last weekends. So, here it is, the first one.

Es el tiempo de descubrir la foto del fin de semana. Estoy pensando en comenzar una nueva categoría, Weekend! photo, para publicar las fotos más inusuales, locas, sexy, divertidas que les he realizado en los últimos findes. Por lo tanto, aquí está, la primera.

13octjuego 012

5 thoughts on “Weekend! -1-”

  1. You’re always so cute! May I ask a question: do you live full-time as a girl or do you “revert” to male mode for works / week activities?

    1. Thank you! The answer to your question is simple: depends on my mood. But usually I choose the feminine look as it is more flexible, more funny and foolish. I also love to have many more possibilities to chose clothes, hairstyles, shoes, accessories etc. I’m 90% of the time in the feminine attire and 10% of the time I use an androgyny look. I don’t possess any male-designed clothes or accessories.

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