BurLesKAS News!

The BEST NEWS come from World Travel Market, London (UK) where the BurLesKAS LGBT tourism offer is now presenting. You can be with your friends, with me and a lot of happy/sexy people on the beaches of Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, SPAIN) celebrating the LGBT Pride of Maspalomas in May 2013!!! Also a BurLesKA girl will be there to welcome you, to show you the city’s nightlife, the best Pride’s places, and to introduce you to the feeling of the island. And finally, me and my friends will accompany you to the BurLesKAS ‘only for women’ burlesque party! And the second day you’ll enjoy the sun, the cocktails and the good dj music at the POOL PARTY (produced by BurLesKAS and UXXS MAGAZINE, the best FREE LGBT magazine of the Canary Islands).

What else ? Well… many gifts and surprises!

Read more here:

English: BurLesKAS Blog notice

Español: BurLesKAS Blog info

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