Weekend! -4-

Time for unusual photo(s) of the Weekend! section! Today, some terrace photos, a fur vest, wood wedges sandals and a romantic afternoon. Enjoy!

Ahora, es tiempo para la(s) foto(s) inusual(es) del Weekend! sección! Hoy algunas fotos de la terraza, un chaleco de piel, sandalias de cuñas de madera y una tarde romántica. ¡Disfrutalo!

25avril 025

25avril 023

25avril 071

25avril 077

25avril 065

25avril 068

2 thoughts on “Weekend! -4-”

  1. You put together the *best* outfits! This one has the sophisticated shorts with the fun faux fur, and the brown/black combo even ties in with your hair color tones, your hair looks especially nice in these shots. Have you ever considered curling it for volume and waves? It might look nice also! By the way…great choices for purse and bracelet. These accessories tie it all together. Thanks for sharing, always enjoy your wonderful sense of fashion. — Susan.

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