Diamante Carnaval Exotica

Do you know the 1996 Atom Egoyan’s movie ¨Exotica¨ ? Well, you should see the movie, it’s interesting. Moreover, the Exotica movie’s theme was the Diamante Club inspiration for the February 9th party. The music was a little weird (for me as I don’t know how to dance the 90’s hits) but the atmosphere was great, not crowded but animated.

My outfit:
– Lefties spike high heels
– Bershka grey denim shorts 
– Coolcat silk top
– Grey&white polka dots scarf
– Black mouse ears 🙂

¿Conoces la pelí “Exotica” (1996) de Atom Egoyan ? Bueno, deberías ver la película, es interesante. Por otra parte, el tema de la película Exotica fue la inspiración del Club Diamante para la fiesta del 9 de febrero. La música me caí un poco raro (para mí como yo no sé bailar la música de los 90s), pero el ambiente me parecí genial, no estaba lleno de gente, pero animado.

My traje:
– Botas de tacon de Lefties con puntas de metal doradas
– Vaqueros cortos gris de Bershka
– El top de seda de Coolcat
– Bufanda gris con lunares blancos
– Orejitas de ratón negras

diamante carnaval 031

diamante carnaval 033

diamante carnaval 009

diamante carnaval 008

diamante carnaval 005

diamante carnaval 010

diamante carnaval 014

diamante carnaval 045

diamante carnaval 046

diamante carnaval 048

diamante carnaval exotica

5 thoughts on “Diamante Carnaval Exotica”

    1. I practiced a lot so yes, now I usually know how to pose at the camera 🙂 You know how they say: ‘imagine the camera is your sex partner’ hehehe! 🙂

  1. Hi,
    I always like your taste in shoes. What’s your size? I’m a size 43 (UK 9) and, although the offer has somewhat improved over the years, I still find it difficult to find what I like. It seems that all the nice models end in 41 or 42. It’s better in the US but it’s a bit far and expensive to go for a pair of shoes … and I don’t like buying shoes online, much prefer to try them on first. Any recommendation of shoe shops in Spain?

    1. Hello Vanessa! Well, my shoes size is 40 or 41, depending on the shape/producer. Normally I buy my shoes from stores like Bershka, Lefties, Mango, Stradivarius, Zara, but also from a wonderful store called Gredos. Here you can see my post about Gredos. You can find easily shoes from 34 to 45, in all colors and shapes 🙂 So, if you travel to Madrid, it’s a must go. Cheers!

      1. Lucky you, I wish I had a size 40-41 … anyway, thanks for the link, I may consider a visit to Madrid one of these days. Cheers!

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