Weekend! -8-

This weekend I share with you some hot pictures made in the hotel in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria for the new year’s eve trip. These photos were made in the middle of the night, just after a Yumbo party, so don’t be too judgemental 🙂

Este fin de semana quiero compartir con vosotrxs algunas hot fotos hechos en el hotel en Maspalomas, Gran Canaria para el viaje de la víspera de año nuevo. Estas fotos fueron hechas por la madrugada, justo después de una fiesta de Yumbo, así que, porfa, no seáis demasiado críticxs 🙂

enero2013 230

enero2013 229

enero2013 234

enero2013 236

enero2013 237

enero2013 238

enero2013 214

enero2013 216

enero2013 217

enero2013 218

enero2013 220

I love to kiss with my lipstick on: / Me encanta besar con mis labios rojos:
enero2013 226

12 thoughts on “Weekend! -8-”

  1. Love the red lipstick.
    One of the hottest gallerys ive ever seen of you
    Many many kisses

  2. Hi, I don’t want to be bitchy – i’m basically jealous of your look – but I must say that I’d feel embarassed if I had to wear such a tiny piece of short pants. You have a great figure and great legs but showing the top of a pantyhose is not especially elegant. IMHO.
    I know you love short skirts and hotpants, it may be OK on a teenager but I’m not sure it’s elegant on a 30+ woman unless she wants to look – well – whorish. Sorry to be critical this time.
    Luv’ from Vanessa

      1. i would have to agree–you are not the most shy person i have seen. in fact i would say you are quite the opposite! and i think this is one very…tempting photo session. i mean, c’mon, there’s a lipsticked kiss on the door! lol definitely in the realm of fantasy and you pull it off quite well! tre magnifique! 😉

      2. I like to put my lipstick kiss everywhere! I feel it’s a positive thing, I would be turned on to see kisses on different public places. I put my kisses on cars, doors, walls, it’s just a game 🙂

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