After visiting the rum distillery, we had like 30 minutes to discover the beauty of Arucas, its main attraction – the church that dates back from the 17th century (but its actual form was achieved from 1909) and the narrow streets in the nearby. I’m not a religious person, not even a believer as my personal beliefs are miles away from the typical religious ideas, but I admire the achievements of the ancient masons. Many of the churches, cathedrals or monasteries are amazing pieces of engineering genius.

Después de visitar la destilería de ron, tuvimos algunos 30 minutos para descubrir la belleza de Arucas, su principal atractivo – la iglesia que data del siglo 17 (aunque su forma se logró a partir de 1909) y las calles estrechas cercanas. No soy una persona religiosa, ni siquiera un creyente como mis creencias personales están a kilómetros de distancia de las ideas religiosas típicas, pero admiro los logros de los masones antiguos. Muchas de las iglesias, catedrales o monasterios son increíbles pruebas del genio de la ingeniería.

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3 thoughts on “Arucas”

  1. that is one very cool area! i haven’t been there but i love the pics! seriously, the two of you both have an excellent eye for beautiful and cool pics. and you seem very fun! i bet you are a lot of fun to be around even when you are being “regular folks” not in front of a lens. again, you look adorable and i’m happy that you have more good experiences than bad!

  2. I have the feeling the guy in the second last picture is looking at you wondering.
    How do people react when they realize that you’re not, well, a “genetic” woman … ?

    1. No, he was looking at the information panel… or I didn’t feel him staring at me. To answer your question: in 90% of the cases, men are hitting on me and women are smiling. For the remaining 10% people are just indifferent. I don’t know how’s in other countries (with few exceptions), but in Spain people is tolerant and well mannered regarding the others. They usually show a friendly-type curiosity. Many times I felt positively discriminated for being ‘special’. I can count on the fingers of one hand the negative attitudes (stares or comments) and normally came from uncivilized East-European tourists, not Spaniards.

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