Afternoon in Madrid

This is a set of photos from a February afternoon in Madrid. I’m anxious to see again the sun on the sky, I’m ready for the summer to arrive and it doesn’t appear… I’m sick and tired about this winter!

Se trata de una serie de fotos de una tarde de febrero en Madrid. Ya quiero ver el sol en el cielo, me he puesto lista para el verano pero todavia no aparece … ¡Estoy harto de este invierno!

2feb 002

2feb 004

2feb 006

2feb 026

2feb 029

2feb 032

2feb 015

2feb 016

Proud of my high heels earrings: / Orgullosa por mis pendientes de tacon alto:
2feb 048

2feb 042

2feb 045

1 thought on “Afternoon in Madrid”

  1. you truly make the day better every time i see you! i love how fun and silly you can be but at the same time still be serious! thanks for sharing your lovely adventures again!

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