Weekend -9-

I can be yellow, blue, green… I can be any color I want. Today: red. Enjoy!

Yo puedo ser de color amarillo, azul, verde … yo puedo ser cualquier color quiero. Hoy: rojo. ¡Disfrute!

enero2013 474

enero2013 477

enero2013 496

*The kiss marks are from my wife 😀 / Las marcas de besos son de mi esposa 😀

7 thoughts on “Weekend -9-”

  1. Thank you very much to all of you, my friends! I was away for two weeks as I attended the Pride of Maspalomas 2013, but now I’m back with LOTS of interesting photos for you.

    Lorraine, “EQUALITY in FASHIONS, no more gender based clothing!”, love the slogan.

  2. Your red dress fits you very well. This short red skirt emphasizes your beautiful shiny legs on a very exciting way. I love your pictures.

  3. Hello Penelope,
    You are becoming more beautiful each year with the guidance of your wife and it shows that gender should be removed from fashion and clothing. May the two of you along with many others around the world bring that day about very soon. Where guys with the help and guidance of the wife or girl friend can also enjoy all fashions and be and look as feminine and beautiful / SEXY as any woman today with out fear, just people wearing what they wish and being able to show the real side of them self’s.
    EQUALITY in FASHIONS, no more gender based clothing.

  4. All my very best to you and your wife, your turning in to a beautiful woman with her guidance. May we see this more in the future around the world where the wife or girl friends guide their buy friend and husband in to the feminine world of true fashion and equality between the genders. A world where gender has been taken out of fashion and clothing and a world where people wear what they wish and with out fear and able to be who they really are inside.

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