Weekend -12-

It’s time for a new weekend style photo session. This time I’m wearing a Bershka peplum dress, Lefties high heels and C&A jacket and the session was made in Maspalomas, at the hotel. Enjoy!

Es hora de una nueva sesión de fotos al estilo weekend. Esta vez estoy usando un vestido Bershka peplum, botines de Lefties y chaqueta de C & A y la sesión se hizo en Maspalomas, en el hotel.¡Disfrute!

enero2013 1165

enero2013 1169

enero2013 1172

enero2013 1166

enero2013 1167

enero2013 1168

enero2013 1178

enero2013 1175

7 thoughts on “Weekend -12-”

  1. You make that dress really good looking, I almost wanna get one like it. The upskirt shot is daring for sure, I think it is really neat that your lady asked for that shot. (did she also decide the hose sans unders? Heh clever woman if so. Nice teaser for her.) The overall look of the outfit is great is great.

  2. Hi Dear,
    no point in repeating what everyone knows. Ypu’re gorgeous!
    A small criticism: i find your dress a teeny weeny short. Bit I know you like it so.
    A question – I hope it’s not too personnal. Did you do undergo electrolysis? Your face – not to mention your legs – looks so smooth.

    1. Thank you Vanessa, you’re too sweet! The dress was not too short, but in some cases I was climbing the stairs and the photograph was still at the base, hehe. For a better angle, she said. Ok!

      Electrolysis ? No, I’m doing some laser hair removal but only for the face area. The smooth of the legs is just the result of beach tanning and Braun silk epil machines 🙂


  3. Gorgeous legs and dress and heels. But then you always seem to do a great job of presenting and writing about it. love that you wear hose with many of your outfits. Please keep blogging and showing photos and traveling. Thanks!

    1. Thanks a lot! I wear (panty)hose only when necessary even if I admit I love the feeling of them on my legs. But you can imagine that in summer I wouldn’t wear them on hot temperatures 🙂

      1. i like the dress. perfect on your body hihi. beautiful pantyhose. i can see a bit more i guess no panties.xxxxxx

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