Weekend -13-

It’s time for a Weekend! photo folder and this time it will be a follow of another great post. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but at that early hours and after many drinks, it was the best my loved photographer could do…

Es tiempo para otra sesión de fotos en plano ‘fin de semana’ y esta vez será una continuación de un otro gran relato. Lo siento por la calidad de las fotos, pero en ese horas de la madrugada y después de muchas bebidas, era el mejor que mi querida fotógrafa podía hacer…

pride maspalomas rosa 076

pride maspalomas rosa 077

pride maspalomas rosa 078

pride maspalomas rosa 056

pride maspalomas rosa 057

pride maspalomas rosa 064

pride maspalomas rosa 066

pride maspalomas rosa 068

6 thoughts on “Weekend -13-”

  1. I usually like the way you dress but this short is … well … not the kind of things I’ d dare to wear in public. Showing one’s bum, even if it is a nice one is not elegant IMHO.
    There is a question I wanted to ask for a long time, seeing you in bikini and other skimpy pieces of garnment. Sorry if it’s too personal, but how do you manage to hide “it?

    1. No, it’s not my usual outfit, hahaha, it was one night at the Pride of Maspalomas. Don’t have to say more, isn’t it ? Hahaha

      About personal questions: please send them privately to me using the “Contact Me” link in the top menu. I’ll be happy to answer to any question 🙂

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