The tree

One night in “La Latina” neighborhood downtown Madrid I found this tree and for no particular reason I start posing next to it. It was difficult to take the sitting photos as I was surrounded by annoying ants. In the end it was a funny session 🙂

Una noche en “La Latina”, el barrio del centro de Madrid, me encontré con este árbol y por ninguna razón, empe posando junto él. Resultó difícil tomar estas fotos donde estoy sentada por que estaba rodeada de hormigas del árbol. Al final, fue una sesión divertida 🙂

14julio 003

14julio 006

14julio 004

14julio 007

14julio 008

14julio 011

14julio 021

14julio 022

14julio 024

14julio 027

14julio 028

14julio 029

4 thoughts on “The tree”

  1. I generally like all your photos, but this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the outfit, the tan, the contrast with the night-time background, and the kinky edge of the photos.
    All the best!

  2. bene, i pantaloncini corti sono di moda per le donne nel 2013 ma stanno molto bene anche agli uomini se questi hanno delle belle gambe 😉

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