Passing by

I was passing by and suddenly it came in my mind that I should take some photos as I’m not usually wearing this old school dress, so that’s it! Enjoy!

Un día pasaba por allí y de repente me di cuenta que debería sacar algunas fotos, ya que no uso a menudo este vestido old-school, así que eso es el resultado! ¡Disfrute!

25nov 005

25nov 004

25nov 007

25nov 016

25nov 018

25nov 023

25nov 025
This is happening when you decide to have a photo session in public: random people gets into the pictures, haha / Esto sucede cuando decides tener una sesión de fotos en público: la gente al azar se mete en las fotos, jaja:
25nov 031

25nov 043

4 thoughts on “Passing by”

  1. Sorry – I cannot speak Spanish, but I just have to say that you look absolutely beautiful in this series of photos – you always have a fantastic look but this is really something special. Everything is really well put together and you look so incredibly pretty and feminine.

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