Photo session 1

This is the beginning of a new type of posts in which the photos tell all the story. One good photo can speak for itself. Enjoy!

Este es el principio de un nuevo tipo de relatos donde las fotos contan todas las historias. Una buena foto puede hablar por sí mismo. ¡Disfrute!

4nov 041

4nov 040

4nov 043

4nov 042

4nov 045

4nov 049

4nov 052

4nov 055

4nov 057

4nov 085

4nov 087

3 thoughts on “Photo session 1”

      1. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s hard to when you have other commitments if you get what I mean! I have to live vicariously through you and the other females I my life! You must get a lot of people totally infatuated with you I assume. Keep up the great photo shoots! The yellow shoes are very cool!


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