Maspalomas Pride 2014

Less than 2 weeks until the start of a new Maspalomas Pride and I can’t wait to go to Gran Canaria! This is the best Pride event in Europe and I got to go to buy/choose my outfits 🙂 But I won’t leave without sharing some crazy photos from the last year’s Maspalomas Pride, and also my article about the event into the pages of the well-known Transliving Magazine. Enjoy!

Quedan menos de 2 semanas hasta el principio de un nuevo Pride de Maspalomas y ya no tengo paciencia para ir a Gran Canaria. Este es el mejor evento de los Pride en Europa y tengo que ir a comprar/elegir mi ropa 🙂 Pero no voy a dejaros sin compartir algunas fotos locas del Orgullo del año pasado, y también mi artículo sobre el evento en las páginas de la bien conocida revista Transliving Magazine. ¡Disfrute!

pride maspalomas plata 1041

pride maspalomas plata 1040

pride maspalomas plata 1044

pride maspalomas plata 1042

pride maspalomas plata 1053

pride maspalomas plata 1060

pride maspalomas plata 1050

pride maspalomas plata 1058

magazine 008

magazine 007

magazine 006

2 thoughts on “Maspalomas Pride 2014”

  1. I have always enjoyed your photos. The more I see your photos, the more I think the outfits you wear would be that much better with a navel ring. You are always exposing your belly which is perfect. Have you thought about getting one?

    1. Thank you very much! About the navel ring, I’ve been thinking and the healing time seams long so I’m always postponing it. Maybe this summer… 🙂

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