Photo session 3

Enjoy the photos I made in March on the streets of Madrid´s old town. The black jacket with leather sleeves is from Pimkie, the peplum skirt is from Zara and the smile is mine 🙂

Disfruta de las fotos que hice en marzo por las calles del casco antiguo de Madrid. La chaqueta negra con mangas largas de cuero es de Pimkie, la falda peplum es de Zara y la sonrisa es mía 🙂

12marzo 001

12marzo 002

12marzo 005

12marzo 009

12marzo 015

12marzo 016

12marzo 022

12marzo 027

12marzo 031

12marzo 033

12marzo 040

3 thoughts on “Photo session 3”

  1. You really love short things, shorts, skorts, peplum skirts … and there is no denying that you have great legs. But on the other hand, you’re no teenager any longer (with all respect). I’d love to see you in a “normal” skirt, I see lots of very attractive women in skirts that are not mini-mini . I guess you don’t go to work in such tiny pieces of garnments?
    I’d love to see a bit of the “every day” girl in you, the way you dress to work, to go to the bank, to go to a business appointment …

    1. Hey Vanessa, thanks for your message. I always enjoy receiving feedback from my readers 🙂 About your question, I feel young and style has nothing to do with the length of the skirt/shorts. One can be a style fail wearing long skirts as well as can be in style wearing a very short one. So, a tiny skirt is not necessarily a style fail, it depends on the entire outfit. And I see no relevance linking the age to the length of the skirts or shorts.

      Yes, this outfit is one of my ¨everyday¨ outfits and it´s fully compatible with the city life I live. In fact, you can check (almost) all my city outfits and you´ll see they are 100% suitable for everyday look in a big cosmopolitan city as Madrid. Only rarely I dress for a photo session, typically I decide to snap a photo during my normal day activity.

      I reckon there are places where strict etiquette could apply, but that´s another story and has nothing to do with everyday outfits.

      1. Hi Dear (I realize i don’t even know your first name!), thanks for your swift answer Don’t take offence of my comments, I like your outfits, I was just wondering …Well, there are obvious advantages in living in Madrid, I reckon, starting with the weather and a very open-minded atmosphere. Lucky you!.

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