Beautiful summer

Tanned skin, little and bright clothes, sunglasses, sandals… this is the summer, and I love it!

Piel bronceada, ropas cortaas y coloridas, gafas de sol, sandalias este es el verano, y ¡me encanta!

IMG 4468

IMG 4464

IMG 4470

IMG 4472

IMG 4487

IMG 4492

IMG 4494

IMG 4495

2 thoughts on “Beautiful summer”

  1. Hi there,I`m lovin` the whole philosophy and approach behind your blog.Why can`t people just be as they are?.If a guy looks as gorgeous as You, en femme-Well why not,similarly if a girl is happier in guy mode then the same goes.The world needs more love and affection.Not hate on the basis of appearances..I`m happy switching between masculine and feminine looks,BUt to be honest,the feminine is much more effort,but for me-,just works….Love always-Allanah

    1. Hi Allanah, thank you for reading my blog and for your nice words. Indeed, we all need more love and affection, the Earth can be such a happy place with just a little tolerance and understanding. Kudos.

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