Tapapiés 2014

If you’re now in Madrid (between October 16-26), you have no excuse to miss the 4th Tapapiés festival, hosted by 90 restaurants and bars from Lavapiés neighbourhood, the most cosmopolitan and interesting area of Madrid. What can be better than walking the old streets of Lavapiés and hop on hop off bars trying on various tapas (originated or inspired from 21 different countries!) for only 1 euro? There are also 60 street musical bands that will entertain the atmosphere, the beer is only 1 euro (with each tapa), the weather is great… Tapapiés is great!

Si estás ahora en Madrid (entre 16 y 26 de octubre), no tienes excusa para perderte el cuarto festival de Tapapiés, organizado por 90 restaurantes y bares del barrio de Lavapiés, la zona más cosmopolita e interesante de Madrid. ¿Qué puede ser mejor que caminar por las antiguas calles de Lavapiés y entrar en los bares que ofrecen excelentes tapas (originadas o inspiradas de 21 países diferentes!) por sólo 1 euro? También hay 60 bandas de música y actuaciónes en las calles que divertirán aún más la atmósfera, la cerveza cuesta sólo 1 euro (con cada tapa), el clima es muy bueno ¡Tapapiés es genial!

IMG 7060

IMG 7058

IMG 7055

IMG 7062

IMG 7063

IMG 7073

IMG 7075

IMG 7076

IMG 7078

IMG 7082

2 thoughts on “Tapapiés 2014”

  1. Hi. These photographs are some of the most natural you’ve taken. Please can you let me know how you achieve you’re wonderful figure. Your bust looks absolutely right for your height and build. Many thanks, Toni xx.

    1. Thank you, Toni! I try to keep my body in a normal proportion and I´m glad you appreciate it. The photos from tapapiés were made by my wife and surrounded by crowd eating tapas, haha. But many of the fashion/style photos are made by myself with the camera sitting on a flat surface (which is not as easy!), so the angle is unchanged and that´s why they look more ¨studio like¨, but all the photos show me in a natural way. 🙂

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