Maybe it was my t-shirt “Wanted” message that made all the looks to stay on me, or maybe I’m just wanted! Hehe, some people looks are priceless!

Quizás fue “Wanted”, el mensaje imprimido sobre mi camiseta, que hizo que todas las miradas se queden en mí, o tal vez ¡me buscan de verdad! Jeje, algunas miradas de la gente que pasaba… ¡eso no tiene precio!

IMG 9011

IMG 8965

IMG 8966

IMG 8968

IMG 8969

IMG 8958

IMG 8971

IMG 8979

IMG 8987

IMG 8990

IMG 8993

IMG 8995

IMG 9002

IMG 9005

IMG 9007

IMG 9011

IMG 9019

4 thoughts on “Wanted”

  1. As usual, you look fabulous.
    Without getting too personal, would it be too much to ask what type of bra and breast forms you use. They look so natural and was thinking they may do the same for me.
    Please accept my apologies if you think this too much to ask. Toni xx

  2. you are wanted for your friendship and charm! your natural and gorgeous beauty is just a perk that comes with knowing you! 🙂

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