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The best way to find out (almost :P) everything about me is to read my articles. Yea, I know it’s a little foggy, but that’s the trick 🙂 I can only say that I’m a real person, with real life, desires, expectations,  but also issues. Like everyone. What makes  me different is my non-conformism and disbelief in “things must be like they are”. I always have fingers up for changes, for progress, for diversity. I do not contest any form on conservatism, but I like to see also the alternative. I’m an perfectionist and just watch our society… it’s not a total disgrace, but it has a lot of things to fix. Without open-mind people, the society will never progress, so  I show consideration and sympathy towards that kind of persons.

One of the reasons why the society is wrongly shaped this way is the religion, so I’m totally against all kind of religious rituals. For the society, I find the mystical beliefs as toxic as acid is for our skins. The children’s religious brain wash is a crime and it occurs in all countries. We have wars mainly because of the religions. I cannot find any excuse to this situation.

Because my blog is mainly oriented to the fashion, travels and parties, I don’t want to write too much about problems of our societies, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned.

If you’re new here, on my blog, and you don’t want/have time to browse it a lot (as there are hundreds of posts), I recommend you to try my photobooks here. Enjoy!

La mejor manera de conocer (casi: P) todo sobre mí es leer mis artículos. Sí, ya sé que esta un poco atrapado en la niebla, pero ese es el truco 🙂 Yo sólo puedo decirte que soy una persona real, con la vida real, con deseos, expectativas, pero también problemas. Como todo el mundo. Lo que me hace diferente es mi no-conformismo y falta de fe en la fraze “las cosas deben permanencer como estan ahorra”. Siempre aprovecho los cambios, el progreso, la diversidad. Yo no rechazo todas las forma de conservadurismo, pero me gustaría ver también la alternativa. Soy un perfeccionista y mirando por nuestra sociedad … no es una desgracia total, pero tiene un montón de cosas que arreglar. Sin la gente de mente abierta, la sociedad nunca progresará, así que me muestro consideración y simpatía hacia ese tipo de personas.

Una de las razones por las que la sociedad está hecha de esta manera mala es la religión, así que estoy totalmente en contra de todo tipo de rituales religiosos. Para la sociedad, creo que las creencias místicas son igualmente tóxicos como el ácido es para nuestra piel. El lavado del cerebro de los niños es un crimen religioso y ocurre en todos los países. Tenemos guerras principalmente a causa de las religiones. No puedo encontrar ninguna excusa para esta situación.

Debido a que mi blog es principalmente orientado a la moda, los viajes y las fiestas, yo no quiero escribir mucho sobre los problemas de nuestras sociedades, pero eso no quiere decir que no estoy interesado.

Si eres nuevo aquí, en mi blog, y no quieres / tienes tiempo para ver mucho (ya que hay cientos de puestos), te recomiendo que pruebes mis álbumes de fotos aquí.

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7 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I take this as an inspiration! I have been bending gender rules since the time I was born. However as Life progressed it has become increasingly difficult to bend gender rules. Seeing you do it as a grown up inspires me to do more. I have shared my stories as a cross dresser in this world. After reading your blog I feel I should edit the term cross dresser and put my name instead! Its not cross dressing its just dressing the way I like!! 😉

    1. Hi and thanks for reading and enjoying my blog. I know what you mean when you say it’s not cross dressing it’s just dressing the way you like, I feel the same way. If one day I would feel to dress like a regular man, I would do it with no problem. This is freedom!

  2. As a fellow gender bender I really appreciate your style. You do so in a manner that is complimentary to women, and not in a clownish manner. I also love how you most always compliment your legs with pantyhose or tights. I for one love the look of them on my own legs, but also love how they look on others. They are one of my fave articles of clothing. Though our looks differ drastically we definitely are cut from the same cloth.

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