Riding the city

I love to wear that kind of hats, I feel somehow between Clint Eastwood and Madonna. I think that (kind of) hat gives power to my outfit, what can be stronger than a mixture of Clint and Madonna ? Even so, the fear of chasing the hat on the streets, during a gust of wind, makes me avoid wearing hats. It must be the calmest day to dare taking the hat with me… What do you think, it’s the hat  a powerful accessory for me or not ?

Me encanta usar ese tipo de sombreros, me siento de alguna manera entre Clint Eastwood y Madonna. Creo que (un poco) el sombrero le da poder a mi equipo, ¿qué puede ser más fuerte que una mezcla de Clint y Madonna? Aun así, el miedo de correr el sombrero en las calles, durante una ráfaga de viento, me hace evitar usarlos. Debe ser el día más tranquilo para atreverme tomar el sombrero conmigo … ¿Qué piensas, es el sombrero un poderoso accesorio para mí o no?

24mayo 002

24mayo 004
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Playboy Bunny on My Legs

Do you like my Playboy bunnies sequin applications ? I love it! And as a funny fact, I didn’t buy those tights, I found them behind a drawer in the flat I rent this year. They were in good shape, not ripped and recently washed. I think they belongs to the tenant before me, but the good fact is that she wears the same size as I do so, here I am, flashing the Playboy bunnies all over Madrid 🙂

I also like to introduce you my new ankle boots from Pimkie. Very comfortable and chic, don’t you think ?

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to answer the poll at the end of the photos. It’s interesting and I want to see your answers!



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My Favorite Game

Playing pool is not as difficult as some people could pretend, it’s just a matter of geometry and physics. And after several glasses of ‘tonic vodka’ the game is even easier, the balls have no chance to stay away of the pockets, or at least it should be like that. Add some high heels and the game is a piece a cake for everyone 😀 .

I challenge you to a poll regarding your favorite game that you would like to play (with me, maybe) and I let you see me playing pool, and not only 🙂 Enjoy!

Don’t forget to answer my poll!



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Second lingerie show

It’s not something to wonder, but my first lingerie show post was one of the most viewed and commented article on my blog so, after more than one month, the second lingerie show I think it will be well received by you, my guests. I used the same location (which is a semi-public terrasse) but this time, the outfit comes from Leg Avenue and the sandals are from Jante (here’s the link of ElectriqueBoutique, the online store that provides this brand). The only impediment was the burning sun and the high temperatures, so the photo session was made as fast as possible.

Please, answer to my poll:

Enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to click on photos to see them full size. Your comments are, as always, welcomed, so don’t be shy and tell me what you opinion 🙂



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Do you want to sleep with me ?

When: Last Saturday night

Location: Chueca, Madrid

Hour: around 2 A.M.

The most vibrant neighborhood of Madrid is Chueca, in terms of parties and sexy nightlife. All the narrow streets are flooding with people that want to have fun, to party, so it’s quite difficult to walk from a club to another one. We went directly to Plaza Chueca which is the heart of the gay district and it’s a place with no taboos, to a club named Truco, a lesbian bar de copas but where you can also dance (even if the dance floor is tiny). The atmosphere was nice, with a large feminine majority (the boys that were allowed to enter where the gay friends of the lesbians), cocktails were good and the music a little commercial, but fine after all. A good point is that in Spain the smoking inside bars and clubs is totally prohibited so you can actually breath. After a good time, dance and drinks in Truco we walk around the place, we went to Plaza Vasquez de Mella where is located the famous Oscar Hotel, where the rooms are para compartir (to share), so their slogan is “do you want to sleep with me ?”, as you can see it in the background of my pictures 🙂 Let me explain you the Oscar’s philosophy: if you’re traveling alone and you want to split the cost of a hotel room, you can pick a roommate and that’s it! Very ingenious, isn’t it ? Of course, sometimes the roommate can turn into something more, depending on your mood.

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