Amsterdam Museum

I know I had a busy end of the year with two flights in November and two more in  December so I’m practically covered in photos and emotions to share with you… and I’m still having photos from the last summer that must be shown here (oh, the typical Swedish outfit in the Heaven’s Gardens and some others that I never posted… ufff). I’m forced to hurry up a little so I’m mix all the travels and photos. Today: Amsterdam Museum, a must-visit if you’re traveling to the Dutch capital. Very interactive, full of interesting information regarding the formation of the city, its conquerors (did you know that Napoleon once ruled the city ? And the fact that the Dutch flag was made after the French flag but the colors are disposed horizontal ? And also the main part of the city is under the sea level ?) and its population. But let’s see the photos.

Me doy la cuenta que tuve un fin del año muy ocupado, con dos vuelos en noviembre y dos más en diciembre, así que estoy prácticamente cubierta en fotos y emociones para compartir con vosotr@s … y todavía tengo fotos del verano pasado que tengo que mostrar aquí (¡oh!, el traje típico sueco en unos jardines espléndidos y algunos otros que nunca he publicado… ufff). Necesito apurar un poco, así que estoy mezclando todos los viajes y fotos. Hoy: Museo de Amsterdam (Amsterdam Museum), una imprescindible visita si vas a viajar a la capital holandesa. Muy interactivo, lleno de información interesante sobre la formación de la ciudad, sus conquistadores (¿sabías que Napoleón una vez gobernó la ciudad? ¿Y el hecho de que la bandera holandesa fue tomada después de la bandera francesa, pero los colores están dispuestos horizontal? ¿Y también que el parte principal de la ciudad está debajo del nivel del mar?) y su población. Pero vamos a ver las fotos.

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The Bags and Purses Museum

I was a little circumspect regarding my visit to the Amsterdam’s “Museum of Bags and Purses” / “Tassenmuseum Hendrikje”, but the adventure was delightful! SUPERB! I recommend this to all the people that are visiting the dutch capital. The entrance fee is only 7.50 euros, you have 2 floors of  exhibitions and one entire floor is dedicated to a splendid coffee – restaurant place (with several differently decorated rooms). The collection of items is wonderful, the arrangement of the purses in each showcase is smartly made, starting with the purses of the 16th century on the third floor, and increases chronologically reaching the modern times on the second floor. I never knew there were such beautiful items, such skills and fashion sense in the earlier times. I spent more than one hour admiring those artworks… When I finally reach the section of modern times, well, I observed that the models and the details starts to be less interesting, more common, the thematic tends to be more facile, more easy, ready to go, not to be admired. And I’m talking about some iconic models and some prestigious brands here (Prada, Gucci, Chanel). An interesting fact (I didn’t knew it before), Louis Vuitton invented the well-known repeated LV logo and used it on trunks and purses since 19th century. The same colors, the same logo. Interesting history lesson for me.

The bad thing is that you’re not allowed to take photos of the exhibits, and I respect their policy. And anyway, a photo lacks in the experience versus live watching the items. But you can trust me, it worth to visit this museum! It’s a must-view of Amsterdam.

After the visit of the museum, on the first floor, you can relax in a very glamorous coffee/restaurant. It has separated rooms, with completely different decorations, the waitresses are very kind and nice and the food is DELICIOUS! The prices are very low (for Amsterdam), for example, I paid 12 euros for a plate of cheese cocktail, with fresh arugula and other herbs and a slice of healthy bread with aromatic oils and herbs, plus a glass of red (good) wine, plus a dessert (wonderful apple cake with cinnamon and anis).

The stuff of the museum is also very agreeable, you can ask whatever you want about purses and even other places to visit in Amsterdam. It was a pleasure to visit this museum. I left the building with the regret that I cannot stay longer (due to my other scheduled actions)…

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