Friday night fever

There are many girls that ask me how to dress for a Friday night clubbin’ session so I decided to give them a hint. Of course, it’s just a suggestion and I’m sure it can be customized for everyone’s taste and it depends also by the location’s dressing code. My outfit is for a gothic-glam event/club and due to the high heels is not a very dance-able option, so if you want to jump on the dance floor you should consider wearing something more comfortable with a smaller heel. The outfit is composed with:

Jante Black “Fetish” High Heels
fishnet tights
black lace Terranova skirt
Kiabi red blouse
corset feathers black leather bag from Comeco Inc.
Ardene accessories

I also added one image with all the outfit like the Polyvore system so you can see better the items that I wear in the photo session. Very easy to replace them with your stuff. My make-up was not meant to be part of this outfit, but I added some red lipstick and…that’s the result. For a real going out you can use smokey eyes and red lipstick if it suits you better (depends on the eye shape and skin color) or you can use only one black line on the upper eyelid, mascara and red lipstick. So, let’s see the photos.

Click on the photos to see full details. 


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