Flowers of the night

We are flowers of the night, we enjoy to party and suddenly receive (and also give) flowers. Imagine a nightclub where   colorful flowers are the only guests… roses are dancing, some tulips are chatting at the bar, some unidentified flowers are laughing while waiting at the restroom line, it’s a wonderful word! Some flowers are better dressed, some are tall, others are short, nobody cares, in this world there are no ugly bees no disturb them, the nectar of each flower is well protected and possibly shared only with another beautiful flower. We are flowers and we enjoy it!

9feb 021 BW
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A wood barrel, me, some strawberries

Weird combination, but a promise is a promise, so let’s see the St. Valentine photos – the second part of this exquisite party from Doble Sentido. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size.

11febr 046

11febr 011
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