El Templo de Debod

Near Plaza de España, there is another interesting place to visit in Madrid.  Not so touristic (like the Royal Palace which is close by), the Temple of Debod (an Egyptian god) is a very unusual sight for the Spanish capital. It was donated as a gift, by the Egyptian government in 1968, to Spain, and you can read the motif on the picture of the entrance sign.

9marzo 001
And now, let’s see the other photos:
9marzo 010
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Flowers of the night

We are flowers of the night, we enjoy to party and suddenly receive (and also give) flowers. Imagine a nightclub where   colorful flowers are the only guests… roses are dancing, some tulips are chatting at the bar, some unidentified flowers are laughing while waiting at the restroom line, it’s a wonderful word! Some flowers are better dressed, some are tall, others are short, nobody cares, in this world there are no ugly bees no disturb them, the nectar of each flower is well protected and possibly shared only with another beautiful flower. We are flowers and we enjoy it!

9feb 021 BW
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Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day!

I finally managed to upload the photos we took in Doble Sentido bar, downtown Madrid, from the Valentine’s Day party that took place last Saturday night. The bar was full of people that wanted to share their love and we had a heart-shaped raffle to win love-chupitos, strawberries with cream, chocolate or champagne, and many other love-related items. You can see the decorations of the bar:

11febr 010

And this is one of the gifts we received from the bar. It’s a zodiac for each person… as you already know I’m Scorpion, but what you don’t know is that my astrological sexual position, well, it’s 69! At least this is what I found out last Saturday night, even if previously I had a vague presumption that 69 is my fav. position. So, not a surprise 🙂 .

11febr 007
But wait a moment, you want to see my outfit too, isn’t it ? You want to see my heart-printed tights (special for Val’s Day!), right ? Well, check the photos:
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Eat me, baby!

I’m a delicious apple, just eat me, baby!

It’s one of my favorites tops, “Eat me baby!”, that I paraded last time when I was out. Not only the message, but also how it fits me, the material and colors, make from “Eat me baby!” one of my top (let’s say) 5 blouses. I combined it with a leather short skirt, pretty tights and black wedge botines, and a Scottish bracelet and… let the party begins!

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to click on them for the real size.

30enero 003

30enero 007
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