BurLesKAS Pacha 2013

Tomorrow morning I’ll take the plane to Gran Canaria for the Maspalomas Pride 2014 and I’ll be back to Madrid in 12 days. I have some posts prepared for you, my readers, and depending on my Internet connection quality (usually poor, but how to complain when you have such beautiful beaches around ?) I’ll post some fresh news about the Pride. Can’t  wait to go for an exotic ¡Que trabaje Rita! on Playa del Inglés and other parties around Yumbo Centrum.

Today’s post is about the BurLesKAS 2013 @ Pacha party, held on Maspalomas Pride Friday night. I already publish one or two photos in Transliving Magazine, but this is the entire set of photos. It was a great party in a wonderful location. Enjoy!!!

Mañana por la mañana voy a tomar el avión con destino a Gran Canaria para el Pride Maspalomas 2014 y voy a estar de vuelta a Madrid en 12 días. Tengo algunos relatos preparados para vosotros, mis lectores, y en función de la calidad de mi conexión a Internet (por lo general es pobre, pero como alguien puede quejarse cuando tiene estas playas hermosas alrededor?) intentaré publicar algunas noticias frescas sobre el Pride. Ya no puedo esperar para asistir a una exótica ¡Que trabaje Rita! en Playa del Inglés y otras fiestas alrededor de Yumbo Centrum.

El post de hoy es acerca de la fiesta BurLesKAS 2013 @ Pacha, que se celebró en el viernes del Maspalomas Pride por la noche. Ya he publicado una o dos fotos en la revista Transliving Magazine, pero esto es todo el conjunto de fotos. Fue una gran fiesta en un lugar maravilloso. ¡Disfrute!

pride maspalomas plata 822

pride maspalomas plata 770
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The Hole 2

Tuesday we went to the second part of The Hole showThe Hole 2. We enjoyed the first part and we couldn’t miss the second. The show goes around of an impossible yet powerful allegorical love story between a man and a female rat – Maria del Mar. But the real purpose of the show is to take you off the hole (day by day life) and put a smile on your serious tired face. It’s a burlesque show with a lot of amazing dance-acrobatics, a lot of sexy and vicious men and women and plenty life facts said in a humorous way. Sometimes the show makes you seriously think and in the very next moment you laugh out loud. The location, a famous theater (La Latina), is great decorated, but a little uncomfortable especially if your legs are too longs, haha, the space between tables and chairs is small. But that’s a tiny inconvenient, the show really worth it. You can also have a drink (I had 2 correct Caipiriñas) or a meal (though I don’t recommend it as the show captures all your attention).

Be careful, taking photos/videos during the show is strictly forbidden, but there is a small pause when you can use your cameras. And that was the moment I took my photos. Enjoy!

Este martes fuimos a la segunda parte del espectaculo The HoleThe Hole 2. Ya hemos disfrutado de la primera parte y no podíamos perder la segunda. El espectáculo gira alrededor de una imposible pero poderosa historia de amor alegórica entre un hombre y una rata – Maria del Mar. Pero el verdadero propósito del show es quitarte del agujero (vida cotidiana) y ponerte una sonrisa en tu rostro cansado y serio. Es un espectáculo burlesque con un montón de increíbles danzas y acrobacias, una abundencia de hombres y de mujeres sexy y viciosos y hechos de la vida contados de una manera chistosa. A veces, el espectáculo te hace pensar en serio y en el siguiente momento te lleva reír a carcajadas. La ubicación, un famoso teatro (La Latina), está muy bien decorado, pero sentarse en tu hueco es un poco incómodo, especialmente si tus piernas son demasiado largas, jaja, el espacio entre las mesas y las sillas es pequeño. Pero eso es un menor inconveniente, el espectáculo vale la pena. También puedes tomar una copa (que yo tenía 2 caipiriñas correctos) o una comida (aunque yo no lo recomiendo; como el espectáculo va captar toda tu atención te costará comer).
¡Tenga cuidado!, sacar fotos/videos durante el espectáculo está estrictamente prohibido, pero hay una pequeña pausa cuando se pueden usar las cámaras. Y ese fue el momento en que saqué mis fotos. ¡Disfrutais!

Here with Maria del Mar / Con Maria del Mar:
thehole2 002Here with the gypsy fortune teller, Madame Zoltar (Vinila von Bismark) / Aquí con Madame Zoltar (Vinila von Bismark), la gitana adivinadora:

thehole2 004

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BurLesKAS at Sentido Boulevard

The Sentido Boulevard and Monkey’s were the only two official lesbian-oriented bars at the Yumbo Center during the Pride of Maspalomas and of course, one of the BurLesKAS team gathering point. Every night was a party at Sentido Boulevard and here are some photos.

Sentido Boulevard y Monkey’s fueron los únicos dos barres oficiales para lesbianas en el CC Yumbo durante el Pride de Maspalomas y, por supuesto, uno de los puntos de reunión por el equipo de BurLesKAS. Cada noche había una fiesta en Sentido Boulevard y aquí hay algunas fotos.

And here is a video of the Pride of Maspalomas (the street parade), just to introduce you into the atmosphere.

 Y aquí hay una peli del Pride de Maspalomas (el desfile), sólo para saborear la atmósfera.

Please, keep in mind that everyone was more or less drunk at the moment. / Por favor, tenga en cuenta que todo el mundo era más o menos borracho en ese momento.

pride maspalomas plata 208

pride maspalomas plata 222
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Short notice

Hello my friends! I have a short announcement to make: the flyer of BurLesKAS 2013 is now on the market. There will be published soon (next week) the travel&accommodation offer for the party (including the Pride of Maspalomas) and, of course, I’ll keep you well informed. The Pride of Maspalomas is the best LGBT pride I ever been (& I attended some), maybe because the city of Maspalomas is like a huge beach resort, 90% of the population being tourists or maybe because the open mind people of the island… You can browse my blog for countless photos I made there this year.

BurLesKAS is an only for women burlesque dance party, and it’s now an official Pride of Maspalomas event.  The next year BurLesKAS party will be also accompanied by a daylight gay&lesbian POOL PARTY (made in association with UXXS Magazine). It’s first edition was this year in August and it was a massive success, flushing the myth that gay men and lesbians cannot party together.

All in one, BurLesKAS means: music, party, djs, cocktails, beach, great weather!, pretty women, burlesque outfits, good vibe, nice atmosphere and so on.

ENGLISH readers: here is the note from the official blog of BurLesKAS:

Click here

Aquí se encuentra el informe en su idioma (castellano):

Haga click aquí

Pride of Maspalomas (II)

BurLesKAS’ night party

Even if it’s not the first event, chronologically speaking, I prefer to post now, in pole-position, the photos from the big party of BurLesKAS. And of course to say again thanks for all.

Fiesta de BurLesKAS

Aunque cronológicamente no fue el primero evento, prefiero tocarlo ahorra, antes de otros. Y por supuerso, decir gracias por todo.

Play the short video of Serena singing live at BurLesKAS/mira el corto video de Serena en vivo en la fiesta BurLesKAS:

This was my outfit for the night/este fue mi traje para la fiesta:
maspalomas2 067y

Before the party begins/antes que la fiesta empiece:
maspalomas2 070

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BurLesKAS 2012

Hey, do you remember my post about the great party that will take place in Gran Canaria ? Well, here are some details. If you’re a woman (inside and/or outside) and you crave for a wonderful (and crazy!) weekend in May, well, BurLesKas’ party is the answer. The best way to enjoy the party is to book a room in the great hotel IFA Buenaventura, the place where the party room is located, a nice big hotel near the beach and near the heart of Maspalomas. Here are some prices for the party’s weekend (May, 11-13) :

Single room = 76,70 €
Single room + breakfast buffet = 84,30 €
Single room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 101.30 €
Double room = 102,20 €
Double room + breakfast buffet = 117,40 €
Double room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 151,40 €
Triple room = 137,98 €
Triple room + breakfast buffet = 158,50 €
Triple room + breakfast + lunch or dinner (half board) = 204,40 €
All the offers are limited and can change in time, so you better book your room asap. Also, you’ll have the free entrance at the party (with one drink from the house). Depending from which corner of the world you’re planning your trip, you can either fly to Madrid or Barcelona and change the plane to the island of Gran Canaria at a very convenient price, either fly directly to the island.
Now, let’s talk a little about the party itself: it’s ONLY FOR WOMEN – open to heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or transsexual women, has a dress-code – burlesque (extravagant, theatrical, fancy, eccentric, travesti, glam, sexy styles) and the atmosphere  will be animated by famous djs. Also, there will be dancers, special shows, entertainers. And, of course, I’m sure the bartenders will propose exotic tasteful cocktails. If you ask me, that should be enough to have a fantastic night in an extraordinary ambient. And of course, I’ll be there, so don’t stay away, come and say hello to me 🙂

trasera dj

So, I have now to find the proper outfit for this event… should be something revealing, at a point slutty, but also chic… the makeup is also extremely important. I don’t wanna look like the typical carnival or Halloween bitch, but more like a cabaret languorous character. Challenging task, isn’t it ?

You can ask everything you want by contacting me or directly, sending your questions to:   info@burleskas.com.