Happy Birthday, Daniela!

This month we celebrated the birthday of Daniela, a special girl with a big heart, and a good friend. The party was hosted by Doble Sentido bar and we all had a great time. Here are the photos.

Este mes celebramos el cumpleaños de Daniela, una niña especial con un gran corazón, y una buena amiga. La fiesta fue organizada para el bar Doble Sentido y todos nos lo pasamos muy bien. Aquí están las fotos.

daniela 018
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The birthday party

I love the parties, and if there is a cake, wow, I’m addicted! And of course champagne, “happy birthday” song, kisses and hugs, gifts etc.

When: Saturday night, April 21, 2012

Where: Doble Sentido bar, downtown Madrid

What: the birthday party of our sweet friend Gloria

The outfit: red jacket, photo flakes dress (bought from my dear friend Oana – thank you!), grey wedges shoes from Break&Walk and silver white dots scarf.

How long: all night 🙂

Enjoy the show. Click on the photos to see them the real-size.

Me and Gloria :
21avril 039
The delicious cake:
21avril 002
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December is Fun

Another party, another dance, another anniversary and cake! That’s December 19th, a special day. I love December!!! And now we prepare for Christmas and the New Year’s night… that’s though to find the best outfits for these events but, as I love shopping, it’s also great fun. For now enjoy my 19th December pictures and my “Last Night On Earth” Bershka blouse.

First, the cake:


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My 2 Weeks Birthday 3rd part

After almost one month passed since my b’day, I brought today the last episode of this 3-cakes-event 🙂 The last cake was a special one, you can clearly see what’s all about, but also the medal gift that came from the girls was a great surprise.  Thank you all for making me live one of the best b’days!

Now, let’s focus on the December’s fiestas! Madrid is a great place to celebrate the joy of life. And for this, I let you listen (and dance with) the “Queen of Salsa”, Celia Cruz – “La vida es un carnaval”. Enjoy the rhythm and the photos:

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