My 2 Weeks Birthday 2nd part

Here is the second part of my “2 Weeks Birthday” story. There are so many pictures that I really like you to see, I’m going to split this in 3 parts (at least).  And here is the song for this episode, coming from Canary Islands:

Enjoy the music and the pictures!


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This week is a special one because I’m celebrating my BDAY! Of course, even if my special day passed Tuesday, I plan to party Saturday night too.  Let’s release the champagne and dance until the morning arrives!!

Thanks everyone who was sending me nice words and wishes, and I’m hugging you all. A deep kiss for my lover 🙂

Now, the pictures from my Tuesday celebration. Enjoy.

The days started with a surprise received from my lover… she invited me to a vegetarian (or even vegan) lunch in a splendid restaurant (La Isla del Tesoro) :



And then, we went to dance and enjoy the company of our dear friends, Cris and Gloria:

Here with the flowers I received:

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