Maspalomas Pride 2015 – The first night

Maspalomas Pride 2015, the first night, 8th of May, Yumbo Center, Playa del Inglés. My outfit was based on a tight black and white thin top with a black bolero, crochet shorts with a peplum skirt and black gladiator high heels sandals. Much more to come!

Maspalomas Pride 2015, la primera noche, 8 de mayo, Yumbo Centrum, Playa del Inglés. Mi traje se basó en un top fino, blanco y negro ajustado y con un bolero negro, pantalones cortos de ganchillo con una falda peplum y sandalias de tacón negras, tipo gladiador. Esta fue la primera noche, pero ¡hay mucho más!

IMG 1542
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Chika Kanika de Verano

I participate in the contest “Chika Kanika de Verano” (Summer Kanika Girl), organized by Kanika OcioWeb Less and I’m very excited about it! The girls are very pretty and the postures are HOT, so the competition is tough! The award is an all-inclusive week in a Magenta Hotels&Resorts from an island of the Canary Archipelago (except La Graciosa) offered by LESSTINY travels. So, wish me luck! I will comeback with news 🙂

Here you can see the participating girls: The Chika Kanika competitors.

He participado en el concurso de “Chika Kanika de Verano”, organizado por Kanika OcioWeb Less y estoy muy emocionada! Las chicas son muy bonitas y las posturas están calientes, por lo que la competencia es dura! El premio sera una semana de alojamiento con todo incluido en un Magenta Hoteles & Resorts de una de las islas Canarias (excepto La Graciosa) ofrecido por LESSTINYtravels. ¡Deséame suerte! Regresare con noticias 🙂

Aquí se pueden ver las chicas participantes: Las Chikas Kanikas.



Here is my photo of the contest, what do you think ? / Aquí está mi foto por en concurso, ¿que te parece?

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Party in Gran Canaria

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A wonderful island – Gran Canaria, in a special week – Gay Pride Maspalomas, alongside with the girls from BurLesKAS, what can be better for a joyful week in May ? They took care about the accommodation and the offer is GREAT (click to go there)! You can have a single, double or three beds room in the right hotel where the party will be. The hotel looks magnificent, with a superb garden and 2-3 pools, offering many other leisure possibilities. More about the hotel, here: IFA Buenavente Gran Canaria. And of course, it doesn’t matter where are you from, they are happy to have you there.

“BurLesKAS is a Dance Session Club, made by women, and for women, placed in a high quality atmosphere. Every year, we organize in Gran Canaria, the best private only women Dance Session, in the month of May, together with the International Maspalomas Pride and the sunshine weather that we always have in Gran Canaria.

BurLesKAS, as we said, is an only women Dance Session. It’s a Dance Session for all of us, because we think we are more than transsexuals, more than bisexuals, more than lesbians and more than straights, it’s a party for all women, as you. The thematic of the party is the New Burlesque, where the complicity, the magic, the fantasy, the picaresque, the irony, the glamour, the sensuality, the transgression, and the Burlesque art, turn every year the Ozono lounge of the IFA Buenaventura Hotel, in Playa del Inglés, in a real Burlesque Club where the corsets, the suspenders, the top hats and feathers that come together with you, will be very welcome.

Choose a great place: Gran Canaria. Choose a great occasion, Burleskas at Maspalomas Pride.”

The event will took place on May 11, 2012, in Gran Canaria Island, in the city of Maspalomas (South of the island) during the Gay Pride Week (May 7-14, 2012).

Cueva de Los Verdes

I’m fascinated with the power of the nature and I think the island of Lanzarote is the best place to actually see and feel that force. The volcanic island from Canary Archipelago has so many sites where you can see how the volcano (“La Corona”) modeled the landscape in a dramatic fight with its stone and the water of the ocean; one of this place is Cueva de Los Verdes (part of the “Atlantis Tunnel”), a cave made by the lava flowing its way from the volcano to the ocean. This cave is linked to Jameos del Agua place, also a continuation of the labyrinth of the old lava underground river. Despite de Jameos del Agua, which was arranged by Manrique with special facilities (like a concert hall, a pool, a bar and everything), in Cueva de Los Verdes the man-made modifications are restricted to stone steps and wall lights. The guided circuit of the cave is mandatory here as you may experience some accidents in the gallery. Also, this cave has a mysterious secret, which is not revealed until the last part of the underground trip; it’s a wonderful and unexpected secret, which can blow your mind for seconds. Well, as it is a secret, well kept by the locals, I won’t disclose it either, even if I made a fabulous picture there. It worths the trip to find out yourself.

About the pictures, what can I say, it’s a cave photo session, that means only dark and colorful lights. Enjoy the underground of Lanzarote!


Here is the entrance of the cave:

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Hello holidays!

Hello world, since Friday I’m enjoying my holidays, but don’t worry, I will come back soon with wonderful pictures from the places I’ll visit. Until then, this is a picture of me with my beach outfit. Just kidding, only the oil and the ticket are from the beach, the outfit is from elsewhere. But that’s the spirit of holidays, isn’t it ? See you soon!!!