Cueva de Los Verdes

I’m fascinated with the power of the nature and I think the island of Lanzarote is the best place to actually see and feel that force. The volcanic island from Canary Archipelago has so many sites where you can see how the volcano (“La Corona”) modeled the landscape in a dramatic fight with its stone and the water of the ocean; one of this place is Cueva de Los Verdes (part of the “Atlantis Tunnel”), a cave made by the lava flowing its way from the volcano to the ocean. This cave is linked to Jameos del Agua place, also a continuation of the labyrinth of the old lava underground river. Despite de Jameos del Agua, which was arranged by Manrique with special facilities (like a concert hall, a pool, a bar and everything), in Cueva de Los Verdes the man-made modifications are restricted to stone steps and wall lights. The guided circuit of the cave is mandatory here as you may experience some accidents in the gallery. Also, this cave has a mysterious secret, which is not revealed until the last part of the underground trip; it’s a wonderful and unexpected secret, which can blow your mind for seconds. Well, as it is a secret, well kept by the locals, I won’t disclose it either, even if I made a fabulous picture there. It worths the trip to find out yourself.

About the pictures, what can I say, it’s a cave photo session, that means only dark and colorful lights. Enjoy the underground of Lanzarote!


Here is the entrance of the cave:

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Jameos del Agua

We continue our journey in the North of Lanzarote, with Jameos del Agua caves, another result of the amazing volcanic nature of the island, at the foot of Monte de la Corona, volcano that didn’t erupted since 3000 years. When this volcano erupted, it formed one of the most interesting systems of caves and tubes in the world. Jameos del Agua is part of the The Green Caves (which is part of the Atlantida underground system), a lava tunnel which is over 6 km long with an additional 1.6 km under the sea and is one of the longest Volcanic Tunnels in the World (the underwater section has not been fully explored), although only about 2 km are open to the public, between Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua. These two entrances in the galleries are also the result of Manrique’s work. Under his quote, please enjoy the pictures:

“Lanzarote is like an unframed, unmounted work of art – and I hung it and held it up for all to see”  – César Manrique


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