Cool nights in Madrid

I have a new camera and I’m still not used to shot night scenes, that’s why the photos are not very good… sorry about that, but I have to learn more about night luminosity. Anyway, the streets of Madrid are funny especially by night – with all the traffic and windows lights, the cool old buildings… so in my way to the bar I had this shots. Do you like my outfit ? It’s somehow gothic but adapted to the cool temperature.

Enjoy the night shots and this wonderful song/video!

8avril 002

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Walking in the night

It was late, over midnight, but that’s normal for Madrid’s nightlife. Usually the clubs open at 2:30-3:00 AM and the streets are crowded since early in the morning. For this photo session I walked around plaza Jacinto Benavente on the narrow streets where the light was quite good, but this is still a night session, without flash, so I had to push the limits of my camera to take this pictures. Be indulgent! 🙂

Click on them to see the full size.



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