Two roses

Just like that: two roses in my hands on my way back home from the bar. Two roses to keep me warm on a cold dark night, hehe, the thing is that I don’t have too much to walk, but this is the scariest part of the night, because of the cold temperatures. Did I mention that I hate the cold weather ? Oh, yes, I’m a totally heat addicted person, so the winter season is not very happy for me. But wait ’till the summer to see another face of me. A happy one.

3marzo 060

3marzo 061

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Parque Pablo Picasso – fourth part

In the fourth part I changed my clothes and makeup. And also the weather’s day was different, much more colder with a little sun only (was in the afternoon). Anyway, after the success of the Parque Pablo Picasso post I decided to come back there and take another shots. This time, due to coldness in the atmosphere I only stayed for half hour and I was freezing. This is what I do for you, my dear readers. Let’s see the pictures!

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