My 2 Weeks Birthday 2nd part

Here is the second part of my “2 Weeks Birthday” story. There are so many pictures that I really like you to see, I’m going to split this in 3 parts (at least).  And here is the song for this episode, coming from Canary Islands:

Enjoy the music and the pictures!


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My 2 Weeks Birthday 1st part

Every year I used to celebrate my birthday for a week, but this year, my b’day celebration took 2 weeks! Yea, and a total of 4 cakes (3 in the pictures). Not to mention the drinks and the gifts! The first celebration was at home, right on the b’day, then, the second and the third celebration took place in Doble, with our best friends. Let’s see the second Doble celebration. Due to the high amount of pictures, I will split this in two or three distinctive parts. Enjoy my 2 weeks b’day!

But first, press play on this video (I love this song):

<<   ♫ todos dicen que el amor 
es amigo de la locura 
pero a mi que ya estoy loca 
es lo único que me cura ♫   >>

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