Step into my dressing room

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In my dressing room

I always wanted a big dressing room, so I can have all the clothes and accessories in my view, so I can pick them easily, mix all together and create new brilliant outfits. But because, in the last years I was all the time in different places, with no stability in what I called “home”, my desire was only for a few times acquired. Yes, I have built a ground house with a large dressing room, but now I’m not living there anymore, so the only thing that I miss is that big room. And the bed, which is very comfortable and also large, made by real wood. Maybe I’ll have a post special for showing that bed. The fact is that the house was built in a wrong country, hihi, and now I don’t want to go back. That’s an intimate story and I’m not going further, but now as I’m searching for a new flat in Madrid and I see so many apartments with tiny “clothes storage amenities”, my thought went back in time to my large dressing room.

Do you have a big dressing room ? How did you solved the clothes storage problem ? Do you have many bags ?


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