Chilly outside

It’s Fall and it’s time for a bit more warm clothes. Not too much as the winter hasn’t came yet in, but maybe some pantyhose and a light sweater are welcomed. Anyway, the sky is blue and the sun is shinning in Madrid 🙂

 Es otoño y es un poco tiempo para ropa de abrigo. No hay mucho frío, el invierno no ha llegó todavía, pero tal vez algunas pantimedias y un jersey ligero son bienvenidos. De todos modos, el cielo es azul y el sol está brillando en Madrid 🙂

12oct 078
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September in Retiro

Retiro is the most famous park of Madrid, a place not just to walk, but to visit. Anyhow, its attractions are not the subject of today’s post, I prefer to take you to a simple September walk among the alleys…

Retiro es el parque más famoso de Madrid, un lugar no sólo para caminar, pero para visitar.  Sus atractivos edificios aún no son el tema de la entrada de hoy, prefiero llevaros solo a dar paseo de septiembre, entre sus callejuelas…

18septiembre 024v
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It’s the begin of Fall and it comes with melancholy and a bit warmer clothes… Ok, I know these photos are from April, but I feel the same way… I like to stop and just observe the nature, the changes that occurs  Do you ?

Es el principio del otoño y viene con la melancolía y con la ropa de abrigo… Ok, sé que estas fotos son de abril, pero me siento de la misma manera… Me gusta parar y simplemente observar la naturaleza, los cambios que se producen ¿Y tu?

12abril 034
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Back to Madrid

I just came back to Madrid… uff, November and December are two months full of travels for me. Sunday I’ll fly to Amsterdam and then to Gran Canaria (for the new year party), so I have limited time to post on my blog. That’s why I’m still posting about summer and fall – history, haha. Anyway, the Porto post was made just a few days after the travel, so I try to keep it up to date as much as I can. Long story short, I’m trying to recuperate and calibrate the blog with my recent actions.

Anyway, I propose today some photos from… October. Center of Madrid, near Plaza Cibeles / Paseo del Prado. Enjoy!

Acabo de volver a Madrid … uff, noviembre y diciembre son dos meses llenos de viajes para mí. Domingo iré a Amsterdam y luego a Gran Canaria (para la fiesta de niche vieja), así que tengo poco tiempo para publicar en mi blog. Es por eso que sigo publicando acerca del verano y del otoño – historia, jaja. De todos modos, el puesto sobre Porto lo hice pocos días después del viaje, así que trato de estar al día tanto como me sea posible. Larga historia corta, estoy tratando de recuperar y calibrar el blog con mis acciones recientes.

Hoy os propongo algunas fotos de … Octubre. Centro de Madrid, cerca de Plaza Cibeles / Paseo del Prado. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!

17oct 028
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The Nature tolerates the artificial.

Do you like the green color ? Especially in the rainy season, when the winter is approaching and all the nature is shutting down the shell of life and goes into a low consumption stage, someone dressed in green, walking on the gray cold asphalt, surrounded only by brown dead leafs and dark brown undressed trees, is an uncommon appearance. I was that zombie, that green pulsating life in the middle of a decaying windy universe; me, with my steps I gave a meaning for the dying rug composed by all those rotten vegetal cells. The nature accepted me, green, artificial, merciless stepping on the grass…and managed to integrate me in its entrails… This is life, it comes and goes, cell by cell from nature to nature. This is what we are, with our green artificial coats. We are so proud for so small achievements (like the green coat), but we are unable to see that we’re made of dust and we can be blown by a nature’s wind gust. When we understand that, it’s too late.

The Nature tolerates artificial. The Nature tolerates us. But this is a good thing, don’t you think ? Let’s get happy now and see the pictures. I was a little influenced by this rainy day (another one!) but, basically, I’m a cheerful person, so let’s see that green coat and my smile 🙂

Click on the pictures to see full details.


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