This is the name of a Spanish game we’ve played last night. Basically you have to guess one (or many) word(s) that your team mate is trying to explain by oral description, mime or drawing. It’s fun because of the diversity of the cards (words), the amusement of the mimic and the usual fail of the crooked drawings. After a delicious dinner accompanied by some good wine bottles, we start to play Tabú. Enjoy the pictures:


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The shots roulette

One tiny glass with Cointreau, one with Aguardiente Colombiano, another filled with black vodka and so on… we played shots roulette!!! Not similar to Russian roulette, here you only can become drunk, but you keep your life 🙂 . I put my red lipstick on 6 glasses (I won the competition, if it was about how many shots you gulp) and this was only the beginning. I think this roulette could be a great gift idea for someone how likes to combine casino games and some drinks…

How to play ? Easy, here are the steps:

First, carefully fill the glasses with different strong drinks …


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