Back in time

Let’s have a trip back in time to the last summer and view some not-so-serious, unpublished photos from one crazy night out in Madrid…  enjoy!

Vamos por un viaje en tiempo hasta el último verano y ver algunas fotos inéditas de una noche loca en Madrid… ¡disfrutad!

21julio 033
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After midnight

Or more exactly, after 3 A.M., in Plaza de la Cruz Verde, after the terraces ended up their program. We were there fooling around and drinking the last cocktail glass (the terrace bartender allowed us to keep the glasses as we promised to return them the next day) before going home for some more private things 🙂 Blame everything you can find inappropriate on the 5 or 6 strong Caipirinhas. 😀 Enjoy the photos!

O más exactamente, después de las 3 de la madrugada, en la Plaza de la Cruz Verde, después de las que las terrazas terminaban sus programas. Estuvimos allí tonteando y bebiendo la última copa (el camarero majo de la terraza nos permitió mantener las copas – le hemos prometido volverlos al día siguiente), antes de volver a casa para algunas cosas más privadas 🙂 Culpad todo lo que podeis encontrar borde en las fotos a las 5 o 6 caipiriñas fuertes : D ¡Disfrutad de las fotos!

27julio 023
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Weekend! -8-

This weekend I share with you some hot pictures made in the hotel in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria for the new year’s eve trip. These photos were made in the middle of the night, just after a Yumbo party, so don’t be too judgemental 🙂

Este fin de semana quiero compartir con vosotrxs algunas hot fotos hechos en el hotel en Maspalomas, Gran Canaria para el viaje de la víspera de año nuevo. Estas fotos fueron hechas por la madrugada, justo después de una fiesta de Yumbo, así que, porfa, no seáis demasiado críticxs 🙂

enero2013 230
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By the streets of Madrid – 2nd part

The streets of Madrid are so crowded at night, especially when the weather is good, not too warm, not cold. A perfect time for a botellon (a Spanish type of young people gathering on the streets around some bottles of alcohol) or just for a walk. As for me, I was going home after a great time passed in a bar…



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By the streets of Madrid – 1st part

At 2 or 3 A.M. on the streets of Madrid’s downtown. The first part today, the second part tomorrow. The photos are not of a great quality, due to the amount of alcohol we took that night, the ISO was too big and the noise massively present. But, it doesn’t matter, the atmosphere was great and this is what I want to transmit to you all my readers. Enjoy.


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