Vivid colors

The springtime comes always with vivid colors (as the nature refresh itself) and I like to cherish the good weather wearing raw, powerful colors. And it’s also the best time to wear jackets (with shorts). Happy springtime!!!

La primavera trae siempre los colores vivos (como la naturaleza refresque a sí mismo) y me gusta celebrar el buen tiempo llevando trajes de colores potentes, sin mezclas. Y también es el mejor momento para usar las americanas (con pantalones cortos). ¡Feliz primavera!

6nov 003
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Chilly outside

It’s Fall and it’s time for a bit more warm clothes. Not too much as the winter hasn’t came yet in, but maybe some pantyhose and a light sweater are welcomed. Anyway, the sky is blue and the sun is shinning in Madrid 🙂

 Es otoño y es un poco tiempo para ropa de abrigo. No hay mucho frío, el invierno no ha llegó todavía, pero tal vez algunas pantimedias y un jersey ligero son bienvenidos. De todos modos, el cielo es azul y el sol está brillando en Madrid 🙂

12oct 078
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Glowing in the sun

Now we have an awful weather in Madrid, clouds, rain and low temperatures… but few weeks ago, I was glowing in the sun, hehe. Enjoy the photos!

Estos días tenemos un tiempo horrible en Madrid, con nubes, lluvia y temperaturas bajas… Pero hace unas semanas, estaba brillando en el sol, jeje. ¡Disfruta de las fotos!

12abril 020
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Gold polka dot tights

Yesterday I went for a little walk downtown Madrid (Calle Mayor, Plaza del Sol)… my stomach allowed me to do it, but it was an exhausting experience since I feel so weak, and there’s no mystery here: I ate only rice and some baked apples for the last three days. And not very much sleep too during the nights…

Anyway, I walked around my Blanco‘s gold polka dots tights. Enjoy the photos, click on them to see details 🙂

2avril 005z1
2avril 003z1
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I’m the type of person that likes to walk a lot on the streets and in this wonderful city (Madrid) it’s a pleasure to do it all the time. I also like to hear music, so in order to combine both hobbies, I wear headphones. My girlfriend bought me those stylish headphones as a gift for my birthday; until then I used regular mobile hands-free device (with no style at all) but now I can listen music with a chic device 🙂 Really love the way they look over my head and I have to say they sound marvelous. And I think for the cold days they keep my ears warm too. What do you think of my headphones ? They look nice to you ?


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