A stunning house

This is the magnificent César Manrique‘s house from Lanzarote island. It’s situated in Taro de Tahìche, only at 5 km North of Arrecife, the capital of the island and it’s a perfect combination between the natural and artificial; the house was built on lava soil, directly into the volcanic rock and comprise two levels. The first level is a modern type building (now turned into a painting museum), but the true spectacular level is the second, underground level which has been made 100% into the lava stones. For his purpose, Manrique used empty underground volcanic gas bubbles to set up rooms. The “ground floor”, more appropriately titled the “basement”, contains five areas situated within volcanic bubbles, the rooms bored into volcanic basalt. There is a central cave which houses a recreational area, including a swimming pool, a barbecue and a small dance floor.

Once outside the main house, the visitor comes to the outside area, where there is a small square with a fountain in the middle before approaching a small café area and the visitor shop. This area was once César Manrique’s garage.

Now, the house is the headquarter of César Manrique’s Foundation and it’s open to public as a museum. If you’re in Lanzarote, this is a must-see. Enjoy the pictures I took there and, at the end of them, you can see a short movie that I captured during my visit.

The entrance:

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