The makeup

I received lately many questions about my make-up: how it is done, what cosmetics I’m using etc. So, this post is about my make-up. First of all, I have to tell you that my foundation make-up is very special – of course – and it has its special characteristics. I use Kryolan foundation and several layers of orange shadows to create a compact skin foundation. After that, I use Bronze Attraction powder from Deborah Milano, than to makeup the eyes:

  • white eye shadow from Kiko Cosmetics
  • black liner Exaggerate by Rimmel London
  • some eye shadow fro M.A.C. (green or sparkling black) or a deep green from Urban Decay
  • black lush plumper from Sephora (I found it wonderful for me, after many researches)
  •  sometimes I use at the interior of the eye the multi-shimmer eye loose powder Suivez mon regard by Bourjois to bring some lighter color of the previous eye shadow
That’s all for the eyes… the technique of application is easy to learn from youtube’s tutorials so I will not turn you bored with that. For the lips makeup I use a lip liner pencil as close as it can be with the color of the lipstick or lip gloss I chose. As lipstick I prefer Rouge Allure (numbers 27 – Excentric or  58 – Audace)  from Chanel or sometimes number 124 from Lancome.  As lip gloss I use Instant Volume Lipgloss from Kiko Cosmetics.
Et voilà! (this was the makeup I used at The Pussy Party).

pussy21enero 003

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