Roads of Lanzarote

Just a souvenir of the wonderful days spent in Lanzarote. This is a short movie captured from the first row of an Amanda North Tour bus. The guide was speaking mostly in German, a plus for those who understand that language. The first part of the film is on the road between Mirador de Las Nieves and 1000 palms tree valley, near Haria. The last movie is from Puerto del Carmen, near Matagorda Beach. Enjoy the roads of Lanzarote.

Cueva de Los Verdes

I’m fascinated with the power of the nature and I think the island of Lanzarote is the best place to actually see and feel that force. The volcanic island from Canary Archipelago has so many sites where you can see how the volcano (“La Corona”) modeled the landscape in a dramatic fight with its stone and the water of the ocean; one of this place is Cueva de Los Verdes (part of the “Atlantis Tunnel”), a cave made by the lava flowing its way from the volcano to the ocean. This cave is linked to Jameos del Agua place, also a continuation of the labyrinth of the old lava underground river. Despite de Jameos del Agua, which was arranged by Manrique with special facilities (like a concert hall, a pool, a bar and everything), in Cueva de Los Verdes the man-made modifications are restricted to stone steps and wall lights. The guided circuit of the cave is mandatory here as you may experience some accidents in the gallery. Also, this cave has a mysterious secret, which is not revealed until the last part of the underground trip; it’s a wonderful and unexpected secret, which can blow your mind for seconds. Well, as it is a secret, well kept by the locals, I won’t disclose it either, even if I made a fabulous picture there. It worths the trip to find out yourself.

About the pictures, what can I say, it’s a cave photo session, that means only dark and colorful lights. Enjoy the underground of Lanzarote!


Here is the entrance of the cave:

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My Favorite Game

Playing pool is not as difficult as some people could pretend, it’s just a matter of geometry and physics. And after several glasses of ‘tonic vodka’ the game is even easier, the balls have no chance to stay away of the pockets, or at least it should be like that. Add some high heels and the game is a piece a cake for everyone 😀 .

I challenge you to a poll regarding your favorite game that you would like to play (with me, maybe) and I let you see me playing pool, and not only 🙂 Enjoy!

Don’t forget to answer my poll!



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El Mirador de Las Nieves

In my last post I took you to Playa Famara, now I’ll show you the same place seen by the mountains that brings the clouds. In this case, only the luck made that I could see through the clouds, which is a rare situation up there, as the strong winds can change things like in a minute. The view is breathtaking, but siting on the edge of the mountain, with all the fog and wind is a little dangerous, but I did it for you, my readers 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful sight of Caleta de Famara, seen by the mountains. At the end of this post, you can see a panoramic view of the place – not easy to do it without a tripod and in that meteorological conditions, so don’t be too exigent with me… Enjoy also a short movie I made, where you can see how fast the clouds are going over the peaks…



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