After midnight

Or more exactly, after 3 A.M., in Plaza de la Cruz Verde, after the terraces ended up their program. We were there fooling around and drinking the last cocktail glass (the terrace bartender allowed us to keep the glasses as we promised to return them the next day) before going home for some more private things 🙂 Blame everything you can find inappropriate on the 5 or 6 strong Caipirinhas. 😀 Enjoy the photos!

O más exactamente, después de las 3 de la madrugada, en la Plaza de la Cruz Verde, después de las que las terrazas terminaban sus programas. Estuvimos allí tonteando y bebiendo la última copa (el camarero majo de la terraza nos permitió mantener las copas – le hemos prometido volverlos al día siguiente), antes de volver a casa para algunas cosas más privadas 🙂 Culpad todo lo que podeis encontrar borde en las fotos a las 5 o 6 caipiriñas fuertes : D ¡Disfrutad de las fotos!

27julio 023
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Cool nights in Madrid

I have a new camera and I’m still not used to shot night scenes, that’s why the photos are not very good… sorry about that, but I have to learn more about night luminosity. Anyway, the streets of Madrid are funny especially by night – with all the traffic and windows lights, the cool old buildings… so in my way to the bar I had this shots. Do you like my outfit ? It’s somehow gothic but adapted to the cool temperature.

Enjoy the night shots and this wonderful song/video!

8avril 002

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