After BurLesKAS

Here is a set of photos made in Playa del Inglés after the BurLesKAS’ party. So, here is me at 5:00 AM, in the hotel, after many cocktails, after dance and after I changed my high heels – just to be able to actually move on the great dj’s music at the party.

Aquí hay una serie de fotos hechas en Playa del Inglés después de la fiesta de BurLesKAS. Pues, aquí soy yo a las 5:00 de la madrugada, en el hotel, después de muchos cócteles, después del baile y después de cambiar mis zapatos de tacón alto – sólo para ser capaz de moverme realmente en la música de las grandes DJ de la fiesta.

Resting a little on a massage chair: / Descansando un poco en una silla de masaje:
maspalomas2 113

My red girdles: / Mis ligueros rojos:
maspalomas2 110

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Lingerie show by Zahia Dehar

I’m usually not presenting fashion shows/news because there are so many other sources that… I don’t want to fill my blog with things that others can present better and faster than me. But, sometimes I see something that deserves to be promoted and/or shown to as many persons as possible. So, in Paris, there was the lingerie show of Zahia Dehar. The collection was good, lovely materials and innovative forms and cuts, but the most impressive thing is that Zahia made possible the transition from a luxury escort to a promising fashion name. She could turn all the notoriety from the French football players affairs into something beautiful, delicate, nice. That’s a positive fact that gave me the impulse to write this post. I’m very happy when I see people with great imagination and artistic mind going to accomplish their dreams. And this is just what Zahia did. Congratulation beauty! I would try all that lingerie!

zahir dehar extras albumes 4

Here you can visit her magnificent website which is a very interesting and pleasant voyage into her fashion ideas. Lovely.

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Hello holidays!

Hello world, since Friday I’m enjoying my holidays, but don’t worry, I will come back soon with wonderful pictures from the places I’ll visit. Until then, this is a picture of me with my beach outfit. Just kidding, only the oil and the ticket are from the beach, the outfit is from elsewhere. But that’s the spirit of holidays, isn’t it ? See you soon!!!


Second lingerie show

It’s not something to wonder, but my first lingerie show post was one of the most viewed and commented article on my blog so, after more than one month, the second lingerie show I think it will be well received by you, my guests. I used the same location (which is a semi-public terrasse) but this time, the outfit comes from Leg Avenue and the sandals are from Jante (here’s the link of ElectriqueBoutique, the online store that provides this brand). The only impediment was the burning sun and the high temperatures, so the photo session was made as fast as possible.

Please, answer to my poll:

Enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to click on photos to see them full size. Your comments are, as always, welcomed, so don’t be shy and tell me what you opinion 🙂



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First Lingerie Show

I started a new category called “Lingerie” because many people here asked me what type of underwear I use. Well, this will NOT give an answer – usually I don’t wear bras and stockings suspenders – but will show a little of my sensual lingerie that I normally don’t wear but I liked so much in the stores windows that I couldn’t resist the urge of buying it. Please be indulgent with me as it’s my first post so undressed, and it was a challenge to actually shoot this session, in plain day, on a semi-public place as the terrace is. Some informations about my “outfit”: the set lingerie is from H&M, the shoes are from a local brand – Mustang – and the bracelet-watch is from Folli Follie. Enjoy the show, but first, a little poll 🙂

13june 007



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