Tasteful Portugal: Licor Beirão

Even if it passed more than 4 weeks since I returned from Portugal, the taste of this beautiful country is still with me, because I bought one bottle of Licor Beirão from Lisbon (and I also received one more as a gift from my good Portuguese friend, Rita). This wonderful, tasteful and perfumed liquor is one of the most traditional drink in Portugal (maybe not in the  poshy clubs, but you can find it in every bar or food&drinks store). Its flavor, in my opinion, resides between the American Southern Comfort and the French cognac, but the Portuguese liquor is even softer and easier to drink ‘on rocks’ only. With a touch of lime, nothing more, as you can see in my pictures. So, for everyone that is passioned of flavored drinks (like I am), this is a must-taste.

Enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the Licor Beirão drink.



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Ponto Final

No, don’t worry, I’m not closing my blog, Ponto Final is only a wonderful restaurant in Lisbon (in fact, it is situated on the other side of the Tajo river, and that side is not Lisbon anymore), right at the legs of the famous Jesus statue, on the shore of the river. You have to use the ferry to go there, but it does worth the effort. The name of the restaurant, Ponto Final, meaning “the final point”, was accorded with the fact that it is the last building on the shore, after a long cordon of abandoned warehouses. The area has a very pitoresque atmosphere, emptied of tourists, only with some fishermen trying their luck on the river’s waters. Regarding the restaurant, you can have a romantic dinner right on the river (there are some old harbor’s lines of concrete forward the river, so you’re basically surrounded by water from 3 sides. The food is fine (here I also discovered Licor Beirão, a delicious Portuguese beverage made out of herbs), the serving is great and if you’re cold they will bring some blankets to cover your legs or entire body. Very useful!

Now, please enjoy the photos.



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Lisbon: the sunset

The sunset is the best moment to take impressive photos, when the balance between light and dark is perfectly equilibrated. The problem is that this moment doesn’t take too long and the dark win the fight. Lisbon is also known in the world of professional photographers as a special place, with a specific balance between colors of the day, but I discovered that the sunset and the river (Tagus) create a special atmosphere in the pictures I took. A little infos about the river: Tejo (in portuguese), or Tajo (in spanish) is the longest river of the Iberian peninsula (more than 1,000 kilometers) and it’s the most important source of drinking water in Madrid (which is, by the way, very tasty and healthy); it passes through Aranjuez, Toledo, Alcántara and, of course, Lisbon. If you read my post about Toledo, you remember this river’s name.

The first pictures are from the Lisbon side, then some others from the ferry we took to go on the other side, and the last ones are from the old (mostly) abandoned pier of the opposite side. As the developed is the Lisbon side of the river, the other side is almost untouched by the modern technologies and it’s used only for the fishermen that contribute also to the pitoresque atmosphere of the old harbor.

Ok, let’s see the pictures. Let me know if you enjoy them.



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Beautiful Portugal – 2nd episode

Beautiful Portugal, or should I call it ‘Beautiful Lisbon’ as all the photos are from the Portugal’s capital ?! Well, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you like what you see, this is my only desire. Just relax a moment and enjoy!

Typical streets in old town Lisbon:


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Beautiful Portugal – 1st episode

My stay in Portugal was not reduced to Lisbon, and thanks to our friends, Rita and Sofia, we visited the Western part of Portugal, around the city of Cascais and the famous surf-beaches from Guicho – that area is quite wild, few buildings (due to the instability of the soil – too much sand) and a lot of sun and wind. Perfect for surf, yeah. Also we passed through Estoril and its famous city center, casino and yacht’s harbor, we passed near some (still imposing) old forts that remind us what a naval force was Portugal, centuries ago. Enjoy the photos.

We left from Rita’s wonderful terrace:



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Museu do Design e da Moda

No, I won’t start to write in Portuguese, it’s only the name of an interesting museum in center of Lisbon. If you plan to visit the Portuguese capital, you have to visit this museum situated in the heart of the city, on Rua Augusta, near Praça do Comércio.

Yes, I was for a few days in Lisbon, and for my second visit there I chose to travel a lot in the most non-touristic areas around the city and, you’ll see, in some of the most famous Portuguese cities. I was there at an invitation from a dear friend; she offered her apartment with a fabulous terrace and stunning views over the Graça neighborhood. Muito obrigado, Rita!!!

For the first post, I’ll stop in the city center. I’ll keep the most spectacular things for later… stay tunned!

Click on photos for a larger display:


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