Flowers of the night

We are flowers of the night, we enjoy to party and suddenly receive (and also give) flowers. Imagine a nightclub where   colorful flowers are the only guests… roses are dancing, some tulips are chatting at the bar, some unidentified flowers are laughing while waiting at the restroom line, it’s a wonderful word! Some flowers are better dressed, some are tall, others are short, nobody cares, in this world there are no ugly bees no disturb them, the nectar of each flower is well protected and possibly shared only with another beautiful flower. We are flowers and we enjoy it!

9feb 021 BW
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Urban androgyne

I’m a very weather dependent person, I dress accordingly with the sky: when it’s cloudy I prefer an outfit much more androgynous, with hazy colors and shapes, and when there are no clouds I use a more colorful girly look. Well, yesterday was so cloudy and windy that I was wondering if I should go out or stay inside… the need of fresh air was dominant so I left for a while the coziness of the apartment and went out. Not with a specific reason, just hung around on the streets, sitting on a bench, watch the passing people and, of course, taking some pictures. I didn’t bring with me the umbrella, I was confident that The Rain Gods will spare me, like they did with another occasion. That was an intelligent decision, I hate to carry the umbrella when it’s not raining, especially when I use a small bag. By the way, my outfit is made of:

Modelisa Animal Print boots
Mango “corset” denim pants
Stradivarius t-shirt (not shown in the pictures)
Encontre jacket
black and white “hearts” scarf
H&M “rock” purse

Today I was looking at the weather forecasts for the next days and it doesn’t look pretty… This weekend will be so London-type, huh, not on my taste. Anyway, the next week I’ll be in Amsterdam and I hope that I’ll find a better weather there (which is not very normal for Holland, but I still hope).

Enjoy the photos! Click on them to see full size and details.


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