Pouss is a nice fashion-art coffee bar downtown Madrid, on Calle Infantas, near Plaza Vazquez de Mella and Gran Vía. The place is a mixture of displayed art, retro & modern decorations and tasty correct drinks. I recommend their Premium Gin Tonics and Caipiroskas and Mojitos. In fact, every beverage I tried there was good and correct. Usually crowded at the end of the week but you still can find a table if a little luck is following you. There is a girl with a strange voice there, but she’s adorable. I recommend the place.

Pouss es un café bar que tiene buena pinta tipo arte en el centro de Madrid, en la calle Infantas, cerca de la Plaza Vázquez de Mella y la Gran Vía. El lugar es una mezcla de arte en exhibición, viene con decoración retro y moderna y deliciosas bebidas correctas. Recomiendo sus Ginebras Premium y Caipiroskas y Mojitos. De hecho, cada bebida intenté allí era buena y correcta. Por lo general, el bar se encuentra lleno de gente al finde, pero todavía se puede encontrar una mesa si hay un poco de suerte. Además hay una chica con una voz extraña, pero la chica es adorable. El lugar es muy recomendable.

pouss27feb 017
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Chocolate & Champagne

After the 9th Salón del Chocolate, I went to a nice place on Calle de las Infantas to celebrate the chocolate. First with a strawberry mojito and then with a small bottle of Champagne. I’ll post more about this chic new bar I found in Chueca, and there are also another two bars I visited lately and I have to share my experience. But all in the next posts.

Después del noveno Salón del Chocolate, llegué a un lugar agradable, en la Calle de las Infantas, para celebrar el chocolate. Primero, con un mojito de fresa y luego con una pequeña botella de Champagne. Publicaré más acerca de este elegante bar que encontré en Chueca, y también tengo otros dos bares que he visitado últimamente y me gustaría compartiros mi experiencias. Pero en los próximos posts.

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Ocean Burger

Sounds like a fast food, but it isn’t. Sounds also like a fish-oriented restaurant, and it’s not. What’s then ?! It’s one of my recommendation if you visit Puerto del Carmen and you want a good meal and a generous Mojito or Caipirinha near the Atlantic water. Ocean Burger is also very affordable, a cocktail is only 3.50 euros and a big (very very tasty) pizza is about 7 euros. But the restaurant is not limited to pizza, don’t be fooled, they also serve a lot of other interesting dishes (seafood, fish, spanish typical dishes etc). The owner (you can see him in a picture) is a very nice person, funny and always with a smile on his face. The interior looks tidy and well arranged, with a pleasant regard to the details. Let’s see the pictures:




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Lanzarote’s HOT nights out

Yea, it is! The prove are these photos. The main ingredient is the island, but we cannot underestimate the contribution of repeated cocktails (mainly Mojito’s), hihihi. Anyway, the important thing is to feel great every day and every night, so I did it. My outfit is based on:

Denim wedges

Animal print tights

Jennyfer half skirt, half shorts

Volume X blouse

Mango white with blue stripes jacket

Flower scarf

Ah, by the way, the first cocktails that appear on the photo slide are not Mojito’s but some other tasty mixes based on rum and tropical juices. They contributed to my joyful night 🙂 Enjoy.




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