León by night

Barrio Húmedo is the main nightlife area in León, the narrow streets around Plaza Mayor. I am not a big fan of night photos as my camera’s capabilities dramatically drop with the lack of light, but León’s beauty by night made me shoot some photos around. Enjoy!

Barrio Húmedo es la principal zona de vida nocturna en León, las estrechas calles alrededor de la Plaza Mayor. Yo no soy un gran fan de las fotos de noche como las capacidades de mi cámara bajan dramáticamente con la falta de luz, pero la belleza nocturna de León me hizo sacar algunas fotos alrededor. ¡Disfrute!

Plaza de la Catedral:
IMG 5891
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Streets of Granada

When I’m visiting a city I like, of course, to do the typical tourist attractions but also to have a walk on the narrows streets of its old neighborhood, where most of the hidden part of the city’s history resides. Granada’s old town is also part of the touristic map, so no chance to avoid it. Come with me on a journey in old Granada!

 Cuando estoy visitando una ciudad me gusta, por supuesto, ver las atracciones turísticas típicas, pero también me encanta dar un paseo por las calles estrechas de su casco antiguo, donde reside la parte más oculta de la historia de la ciudad. El casco antiguo de Granada es también parte del mapa turístico, por lo que no habría posibilidad de evitarlo. ¡Viaja conmigo en el casco antiguo de Granada!

granada 814
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Beautiful Portugal – 2nd episode

Beautiful Portugal, or should I call it ‘Beautiful Lisbon’ as all the photos are from the Portugal’s capital ?! Well, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you like what you see, this is my only desire. Just relax a moment and enjoy!

Typical streets in old town Lisbon:


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Late night in Lisbon

A mystic night in Lisbon implies a full moon on a dark sky, a magic power bowl and a relentlessly witch. Don’t worry, not even the moon was full, hehe, the magic bowl was a lamp and the witch… guess who ?! 🙂  But seriously now, Lisbon old town has a special effect on visitors, it looks so medieval well conserved and all those narrow streets and empties cramped passages, not very well illuminated by the street lights, ah, everything looks creepy and mystical. Of course, you only have to enter into a bar to escape that sensation… which is a good thing to do, late night in Lisbon.

And a short (funny) poll:

A typical street in old Lisbon:

The view from my friend’s (Rita) terrace:


Me, collecting the energy (from a glass of cognac, hehe) for the future spells:



The “alien lamp” used:

Walking in the night

It was late, over midnight, but that’s normal for Madrid’s nightlife. Usually the clubs open at 2:30-3:00 AM and the streets are crowded since early in the morning. For this photo session I walked around plaza Jacinto Benavente on the narrow streets where the light was quite good, but this is still a night session, without flash, so I had to push the limits of my camera to take this pictures. Be indulgent! 🙂

Click on them to see the full size.



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