At the lantern’s light

Me and Madrid at the lantern’s light. A summer night on the streets of the old city. Enjoy!

Yo y Madrid a la luz de las linternas. Una noche de verano en las calles de la ciudad vieja. ¡Disfrute!

31agosto 002
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Crazy night

This is a post about one crazy night spent in “La Latina” neighborhood of Madrid. We took those photos after 5 real strong Caipirinhas and some other liquors. That was our summer (weekend) ritual when we were home: daylight shopping and lunch, then starting around 10P.M., dinner and at least 4-5 hours at a terrace and then night walks and photos 🙂 So all the nights were crazy, but that particular night was best because we found an abandoned suitcase full of clothes in good condition, so we had FREE shopping that night too 🙂 I picked up two nice dresses. And since then (August 3rd) I already wore one of the dresses twice.

Este es un relato acerca de una noche loca en el barrio “La Latina” (Madrid). Tomamos las fotos después de 5 caipiriñas fuertes y otros licores. Ese fue nuestro ritual de verano (findes) cuando estábamos en casa: saliendo de compras y para comer por el día, luego comenzando alrededor de las 10 con la cena y por lo menos 4-5 horas a la terraza y luego paseos nocturnos y fotos 🙂 Así que todas las noches eran loco, pero esa noche en particular era mejor porque hemos encontrado una maleta abandonada llena de ropa en buen estado, así que tuvimos compras libres esa noche también 🙂 Me tomó dos bonitos vestidos. Y desde entonces (3 de agosto) ya llevaba uno de los vestidos dos veces.

3agosto 045
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By the streets of Madrid – 2nd part

The streets of Madrid are so crowded at night, especially when the weather is good, not too warm, not cold. A perfect time for a botellon (a Spanish type of young people gathering on the streets around some bottles of alcohol) or just for a walk. As for me, I was going home after a great time passed in a bar…



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By the streets of Madrid – 1st part

At 2 or 3 A.M. on the streets of Madrid’s downtown. The first part today, the second part tomorrow. The photos are not of a great quality, due to the amount of alcohol we took that night, the ISO was too big and the noise massively present. But, it doesn’t matter, the atmosphere was great and this is what I want to transmit to you all my readers. Enjoy.


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Chinchón – the night after the wedding (II)

A promise is a promise, so I came back with the bullfighting (empty) arena. I’m against that ‘sport’, I find it barbarian and with no actual reason, but as it’s part of the tradition… a reminiscent ritual, a demonstration of male (and female now) power. I just feel sorry for the bulls…



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