Streets of Granada

When I’m visiting a city I like, of course, to do the typical tourist attractions but also to have a walk on the narrows streets of its old neighborhood, where most of the hidden part of the city’s history resides. Granada’s old town is also part of the touristic map, so no chance to avoid it. Come with me on a journey in old Granada!

 Cuando estoy visitando una ciudad me gusta, por supuesto, ver las atracciones turísticas típicas, pero también me encanta dar un paseo por las calles estrechas de su casco antiguo, donde reside la parte más oculta de la historia de la ciudad. El casco antiguo de Granada es también parte del mapa turístico, por lo que no habría posibilidad de evitarlo. ¡Viaja conmigo en el casco antiguo de Granada!

granada 814
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Passing by

I was passing by and suddenly it came in my mind that I should take some photos as I’m not usually wearing this old school dress, so that’s it! Enjoy!

Un día pasaba por allí y de repente me di cuenta que debería sacar algunas fotos, ya que no uso a menudo este vestido old-school, así que eso es el resultado! ¡Disfrute!

25nov 005
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Ávila and me

The title says everything, some photos from March from the beautiful city of Ávila. Rainy and cloudy day, but so nice to walk around the walls of the old city… Enjoy the photos!

El título lo dice todo, algunas fotos sacadas en marzo desde la hermosa ciudad de Ávila. Un día lluvioso y anublado, pero muy agradable para caminar alrededor de las murallas de la antigua ciudad… ¡Disfruta de las fotos!

avila 404
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Spring/Summer perspective

This is another fashion post, spring/summer outfit to walk around the city. Easy to wear, comfortable yet chic, in harmony with the stone/masonry/streets (of the old city) colors. Madrid is wonderful!

 Este es un otro relato de moda del verano sobre la manera de caminar por la ciudad. Fácil de usar, cómodo y chic, en armonía con los colores de las calles de piedra / las paredes  (del casco antiguo de la ciudad). ¡Madrid es una maravilla!

14abril 0068
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Sunny day in Amsterdam

There are more than 3 years since my last visit in Amsterdam. The last time was for a new year party and all the days that I stayed (10!) there was no sun at all. But, yesterday was the first time that I’m in Amsterdam and it’s such a sunny atmosphere, no clouds at all and a warming sun. A great day to see the beautiful city, to enjoy the splendor of an old town preserved so well. Did you knew that A’dam is the city with the most well preserved old buildings in the world ? There are more than 6,000 monumental houses in this small city. And nothing compares to admire those buildings sitting on a bench in front of the (non-smelling) Canals in a bright sunny day. So, for my second day (yesterday) I’ve chose to hung around the old part (and not so touristic) of the city, in the area south bounded by Frederiks Plein. I don’t like the major touristic places because there is too much noise and dialects are distracting me from the beauty of the vicinities. Today I have some other plans: to visit the museum of purses and bags (sounds interesting, isn’t it ?), and to have some night walk around the famous Redlight District.  The next day maybe I’ll travel to Hague and Rotterdam, why not ? Enjoy the pictures and if you want to see full size you only have to click on them. Sorry about the distance used in these photos, but I had to manage taking the pictures by my own.




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