Back in time

Let’s have a trip back in time to the last summer and view some not-so-serious, unpublished photos from one crazy night out in Madrid…  enjoy!

Vamos por un viaje en tiempo hasta el último verano y ver algunas fotos inéditas de una noche loca en Madrid… ¡disfrutad!

21julio 033
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Passing by

I was passing by and suddenly it came in my mind that I should take some photos as I’m not usually wearing this old school dress, so that’s it! Enjoy!

Un día pasaba por allí y de repente me di cuenta que debería sacar algunas fotos, ya que no uso a menudo este vestido old-school, así que eso es el resultado! ¡Disfrute!

25nov 005
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¡Fiesta! Do you like to dance ? I love it! Here are some photos since August 17th from the party of ‘La Latina’ neighborhood. The party celebrates some saints, but the general idea is to have fun and enjoy street nightlife 🙂 Here is a selection of photos from that epic night that started in a relaxing atmosphere, at a terrace 🙂

¡Fiesta! ¿Te gusta bailar? ¡A mí me encanta! Aquí están algunas fotos desde el 17 de agosto de la fiesta del barrio “La Latina”. Esta fiesta celebra algunos santos, pero la idea general es divertirse y disfrutar de la vida nocturna callejera 🙂 Aquí está una selección de fotos de esa noche épica que empezaba en plan tranquilo, a una terraza 🙂

17agosto 046
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The Nature tolerates the artificial.

Do you like the green color ? Especially in the rainy season, when the winter is approaching and all the nature is shutting down the shell of life and goes into a low consumption stage, someone dressed in green, walking on the gray cold asphalt, surrounded only by brown dead leafs and dark brown undressed trees, is an uncommon appearance. I was that zombie, that green pulsating life in the middle of a decaying windy universe; me, with my steps I gave a meaning for the dying rug composed by all those rotten vegetal cells. The nature accepted me, green, artificial, merciless stepping on the grass…and managed to integrate me in its entrails… This is life, it comes and goes, cell by cell from nature to nature. This is what we are, with our green artificial coats. We are so proud for so small achievements (like the green coat), but we are unable to see that we’re made of dust and we can be blown by a nature’s wind gust. When we understand that, it’s too late.

The Nature tolerates artificial. The Nature tolerates us. But this is a good thing, don’t you think ? Let’s get happy now and see the pictures. I was a little influenced by this rainy day (another one!) but, basically, I’m a cheerful person, so let’s see that green coat and my smile 🙂

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